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    Pavonia thermo container is for preservation of Hot / Cold cooked food. It is a table/serving/storing ware with insulation to control any heat/cold transfer from inside to outside for a reasonable length of time and vice versa.


    Equally effective on hot and cold food
    Stainless steel lined bowls and foam insulation
    FDA approved
    Problem Solver
    Maintains the temperature of stored food for up to 6 hours
    Retain Aroma, Taste & Nutrition.
    Nested one inside other saves storage space.
    No heating of food on Stove & Microwave saves precious Energy & Time.
    Repeative heating of food on stove & microwave losses essential nutrition from food.
    Serve & Eat
    Go from the counter-top to table-top with one attractive serving dish
    Smaller containers cater to the working man or woman, and a hot meal can be enjoyed directly from the container
    Can also be used as ice packs to store ice cream ,custards, jelly and salads
    Caters to families with staggered meal times.
    Use at home, picnics, tailgating, potluck dinners, holidays, or take lunch to work
    Instruction to Use
    Wash before use. Do not use an abrasive cleaner. For cleaning purpose, wash with water and washing-up liquid.
    Do not use in a Traditional Oven, Microwave or on electrical hotplate and neither on gas.
    Not Microwave Safe
    Not Dishwasher Safe
    Do not separate the stainless steel bowl from the main body of container.
    For Better Result, Fill the container with hot water (for hot food) or cold water (for cold food). Later Empty the container and fill with prepared food. The food should be stored in the container immediately after cooking or directly from the refrigerator. If desired, wrap the food in aluminium foil for added insulation.

    Product Description

    Item Code Capacity Packing Cubic Meter Barcode
    PV-1235 500 ml 24 Pcs 0.063 682622012359
    PV-1236 1000 ml 12 Pcs 0.051 682622012366
    PV-1237 2000 ml 12 Pcs 0.078 682622012379
    PV-1238 3000 ml 12 Pcs 0.111 682622012380
    PV-1254 5000 ml 6 Pcs 0.094 8906053362541
    PV-1239 8000 ml 6 Pcs 0.152 682622012397
    PV-1240 12500 ml 3 Pcs 0.116 682622012403
    PV-1241 20000 ml 3 Pcs 0.168 682622012410

    Gift Sets


    Pavonia 3 Pc sets

    Item Code Capacity Packing Cubic Meter Barcode
    PV-1243 1000, 2000, 3000 ml 6 Sets 0.109 682622012434
    PV-1242 500, 1000, 2000 ml 12 Sets 0.137 682622012427
    PV-1260 5000, 8000, 12500 ml 3 Sets 0.190 8906053362602
    PV-1245 8000, 12500, 20000 ml 1 Sets 0.083 682622012458




    Pavonia 4 Pc sets

    Item Code PV-1244
    Capacity 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 ml
    Packing 6 sets
    Cubic Meter 0.113
    Barcode 682622012441
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